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Creativity and Education

Creative and Vital Classrooms – connecting with creativity

presenter Anne Gee


“Our job as teachers is not to prepare our kids for something but to prepare them for anything. AJ Juliani


Our students will inhabit an unpredictable world. With increasing technologically assisted living and work places and speed of light advances in forms of AI, students will need to become really good at what AI can’t do and really innovative with what it can. They will need to be adaptable as they navigate the maze of an uncertain future. But this requires a mindset of self-direction, where students act as self-starters and self-managers. As educators, we can prepare students for this future by empowering them in the present.

Creativity is so much more than The Arts - it is the problem solving map for navigating the future and living a life of purpose, harmony and great satisfaction.

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Professional Learning for Educators & Leaders

Anne Gee Creativity workshops - professional learning for teachers, leadership teams and leaders

Creative, Vibrant and Vital Classrooms 

- bring creativity, problem solving and an intrinsic love of learning back into classrooms

Working Smarter Not Harder

- harnessing what you already have at your workplace by sharing what you're good at and outsourcing to others - sharing the load as a professional symbiotic community.

Profession Coaching for School Leaders & Principals

Setting Up BrainsTrust Groups with other teachers in your school/beyond

Creativity in the Classroom - student program

Curriculum to Life

- bring creativity, problem solving and an intrinsic love of learning back into the CORE subjects

Got a tricky learning endeavour to deliver? Anne will help you design and co-deliver vibrant, deep learning with your class and explore authentic assessment measurement tools.

Check out some examples of

In Schools projects


Anne Gee  - studio/workshop

Little Ink Company - Ink making and Student Projects. - see the Ink famous for Artists/Student Ink testing

HASS project Yr 6 Casting Light Immigration and Displacement

Creative Maths Classroom - The Biz

Telling Visual Stories Port School - low literacy Yr 9s

The Art of Wellbeing and Taming Monsters Project- Health 

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